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Supplements to Avoid and Take during Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you overthink, and you are confused. But in the case of vitamins and supplements, you should not be...

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When you are pregnant, you overthink, and you are confused. But in the case of vitamins and supplements, you should not be confused. During pregnancy, seafood, alcohol, and salty foods are not allowed. Some of the vitamins and minerals are also not allowed in pregnancy. It is shocking, but it is true. It is because they contain a high level of salt which may harm the baby. 

We will provide you with information about the supplements which are allowed in pregnancy. By taking these supplements, you feel even more relaxed. We will also tell you which supplement you should not abide by in pregnancy.


Why take supplements during pregnancy?

It is imperative to take the proper nutrients and supplements in pregnancy, as you will nourish both yourself and your growing babe. In pregnancy, the nutrients are much needed. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are necessary during pregnancy. It is known as a macronutrient

You must consume 0.8 grams per kg of the bodyweight of protein in the body of non-pregnant women, and 1.1 grams per kg of the bodyweight of the protein is recommended to the body of pregnant women. It would help if you took protein in every meal that you have in a day. The need for macronutrients is increasing more than the requirement of micronutrients.

Some of the women ask the doctor to make a proper diet plan. But it is not the case for all women. There are many reasons for taking supplements and vitamins in pregnancy that are as follows:-

  • Nutrient deficiencies:- A blood test of women reveals a deficiency of nutrients and vitamins. To cover the lack of nutrients, women must take supplements. If she does not take the nutrients, then it will affect the baby. Women must have a blood test to know the deficiency of nutrients.
  • Hyperemesis gravid arum:- This is a pregnancy complication that is caused by vomiting. This complication will lead to weight loss and a lack of nutrients. It is a widespread complication that every pregnant woman suffers in their pregnancy time.
  • Dietary restrictions:- When the women follow the diet plan given by the doctor and miss some of the points, it will harm her. At that time, she needs a supplement with vitamins and minerals. It will also cure the problem of micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Smoking:- The women who are chain smokers are not able to avoid smoking even during pregnancy. For them, it is very hard. For curing this problem, you have to increase the need for specific nutrients such as vitamin C and folate.
  • Multiple pregnancies:- If the woman is carrying two babies, then the need for the supplement is more important than the one who is having one baby. The nutrient is more important for the mother and her babies.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are top-rated. It is added to micronutrients. Fifteen percent of pregnant women use herbal supplements. The allopathic doctor does not support herbal medicine, so most women do not tell the doctors about the supplement. Some herbal supplements are also safe to take during pregnancy.

In pregnancy, it is common to have an upset stomach and nausea. But some herbal supplements are harmful to both the woman and her baby. There is very little research on herbal supplements and their effect. The woman must tell her doctor about all the accessories she is taking to guide her on what is wrong or right.  

Supplements that are safe during pregnancy

It would be best if you told your doctor about all the supplements you are taking. The doctor will guide you about the supplement that is necessary and taken in safe amounts. The proteins you are taking should be of a reputable brand and authorized by third-party organizations. Some of the herbal supplements are as follows:

  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Folate
  • Iron 
  • Vitamin-D
  • Magnesium
  •  Ginger 
  • Fish oil
  • Choline  

Supplements to avoid during pregnancy

There are also some supplements which you should avoid in pregnancy. They are not safe for the baby. When you take a new supplement, you should ask your doctor before taking the supplement. The leading supplement that must be avoided is vitamin-A. All other vitamins are more critical than vitamin-A. Vitamin-A contains fat, so it is harmful to the baby.

Cohosh is a plant that is used for various purposes. It is used to control menstrual cramps. It is very unsafe for pregnant women because it creates uterine contractions. It also includes preterm labor. Dong Quai is a root that is considered Chinese medicine and is also used to control high blood pressure.

Tansy, red clover, angelica, yarrow, blue Cohosh, and mugwort are some unsafe supplements for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a time of growth and development for women and their babies. It is a time when a woman has to take the best care of her baby and herself.


The above paragraph states which supplement is best for pregnant women and is not safe for women. Women should take the supplement with the consultation of the doctor. If she is taking it without the consult, she should know about the supplement. 

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