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Get Relief From Back Pain with Personalized Physical Therapy

Back pain is a common problem in people of all age groups across the world. Most people experience back pain, whether acute...

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Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem in people of all age groups across the world. Most people experience back pain, whether acute or chronic. It is quite common in youngsters who have a desk job or are involved in a profession that requires sitting for long periods.

Acute back pain might come and go for a short duration, but if you are experiencing consistent pain for more than three months, it is known as chronic sciatica pain. You need to get medical assistance for chronic back pain as soon as possible.

It might cause severe problems; that is why medical assistance is necessary. You can consult a doctor or physical therapist to get the best advice. There are various causes of sciatica  pain, like any type of activity or your bad posture.

The activities that cause back pain are playing sports, injuries, diseases like arthritis, repetitive motion, and several others. You need to get a proper diagnosis of the issue you are experiencing. Hire a reliable therapist for sciatica pain relief in New Castle County, DE.

Symptoms of Back Pain

There are several symptoms of sciatica pain varying from person to person depending upon the problem you are suffering from. However, here are a few of the common symptoms of the pain, which are as follows:

  • Stiffness in the muscles of the lower back
  • Dull aching sensation in the lower back
  • Burning and tingling sensation in the muscles of pain
  • Severe pain when you perform any type of physical activity
  • Reduced range of motion and flexibility because of pain
  • Pain that goes down to your leg by your nerve
  • Inability to stand straight because of pain

These are the symptoms of normal back pain. But if the problem is severe, the symptoms might differ. Here are the symptoms that indicate a severe problem in your lower back:

  • Loss of control over bladder or bowel
  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling in the legs
  • Consistent pain that gets worse at the night
  • Presence of slight or high fever
  • A sensation of throbbing in the abdomen
  • Unexplained weight loss

These symptoms contribute to a serious problem that is associated with your sciatica pain. If you experience any of the above symptoms, then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of Pain for Personalized Therapy

Diagnosis is pretty important to find the exact cause of the problem you are experiencing with your back. Every therapist conducts an in-depth diagnosis that involves different types of tests. Here are a few of the common physical tests:

  • Reflexes of your body
  • Strength of your leg
  • The ability to walk or stand
  • Range of motion of your spine
  • Ability to detect a sensation in your leg

These are the common tests a physical therapist conducts to find the problem. If there is a serious problem with your back, the other tests might include the following tests:

  • Scan of bone to find abnormality in the bone tissues
  • Urine and blood tests to find any underlying conditions
  • MRI and CT scan to check your discs, ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels
  • Testing of nerve conduction through electromyography (EMG)
  • X-ray to check the alignment of bones and fractures

These are the tests for checking any severe problem with your back. You must share the exact symptoms with the physical therapist. It is necessary to conduct the right tests which can help you and the therapist find the problem.

What Factors Increase the Risk for Back Pain?

Here are the factors that increase the risk of sciatica pain. You must get rid of these to live healthily and eliminate back pain. The factors are as follows:

  • Growing older in age
  • Have an obese body
  • A habit of often smoking
  • Suffering from arthritis
  • Not being active or do not exercise
  • High stress, depression or anxiety
  • Working in a sedentary environment
  • Performing high-impact exercises without warm-up

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Physical therapy is a natural treatment for back pain that can help you eliminate the problem entirely. It does not involve the use of any type of surgery or harmful medications. Getting regular therapies can bring a positive change in your health. The benefits of physical therapies are as follows:

  • Improves the circulation of blood that maintains the health of your muscles.
  • Helps reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation in the lower back muscles.
  • Increase the range of motion, mobility, and flexibility of the muscles.
  • Improves the strength and endurance of the back’s muscles.

The best part of getting physical therapy is that it does not cause any type of harm to our bodies.

Final Thoughts

You should consult an experienced physical therapist for back pain relief in New Castle County, DE. It is the best treatment to beat back pain and live a healthy life. Get regular therapies to stay healthy and maintain better health of your muscles.

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