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What are the reasons to prefer manual therapy?

Have issues related to your muscles, joints, or nerves? Do you have pain complaints, restricted movements, impaired nerve function? It’s time for...

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Manual therapy

Have issues related to your muscles, joints, or nerves? Do you have pain complaints, restricted movements, impaired nerve function? It’s time for you to do manual therapy for all your problems. Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that helps in reducing pain, improving the range of motion, improves nerve function and mobility, improves functions of the muscles and joints, and restores normal function. 

Many patients believe that physical therapy just includes therapies like hot packs or ultrasound or merely just a few exercises. But physical therapy is not always about hot packs and practice; sometimes, it consists of the magical therapy provided by hands. Manual therapy is the therapy provided by the movement of hands by experts known as physical therapists or manual therapists. 

Manual therapy works effectively and ensures numerous benefits on the same note as well. These modalities are warranted in several instances, and most physical therapists would agree that exercise and manual therapy are required to help restore muscle strength and imbalance. It is essential to know that many physical therapists prefer to approach the restoration of function from a different perspective. They provide the mode of therapy as a complement to manual therapy. 

We know that manual therapy is part of physical therapy, and it includes different types. Mainly massage therapy, spinal manipulation, and spinal mobilization are the various manual therapies given according to the patient’s requirements depending on their symptoms. Before going any further, let’s talk about the importance of manual therapy and other minor but essential details that you should know about.

What is manual therapy? 

Manual therapy is a form of treatment option that you can say is a specialized form of physical therapy that ensures better treatment with the hands instead of the device or any machine. Manual therapy is the treatment that is delivered without any use of a machine. Instead of artificial machines, they use their magical hand to provide the best treatment for effective results. In the process of manual therapy, the practitioners mainly use their hands to put pressure on the affected areas or muscles to reduce the symptoms of pain and manipulate the affected joints in an attempt to eliminate the pain mainly caused by muscle spasms or joint dysfunction. 

Benefits of manual therapy:

It is essential to know that manual therapy is the hands-on approach used within the course of treatment to address any kind of pain, stiffness, or even to assist inefficient movement. Manual therapy programs also involve specific techniques that are widely used to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. The best thing about manual therapy is that the method also helps restore the motion of fluid, that is, the circulation of blood to the affected areas of the soft tissues, to improve the overall movement of the body.

Physical therapists who are well educated and well trained incorporate manual therapy to assist the patient in restoring mobility, enhancing motor control, reducing or eliminating pain, and enhancing movement efficiency. Suppose we see the benefits of manual therapy. In that case, there are plenty of benefits beyond the skilled treatment of physical touch and connection with the patient that contribute to the healing process.

Physical therapy is referred to the patient for treatment by their primary doctor or orthopedic surgeon. It is essential to follow the instructions guided by the manual therapist or the physical therapist to effectively access better results. The benefits of manual therapy with a couple of practical exercises help restore and alleviate pain, thereby helping in an efficient movement. Manual therapy is considered the most effective way to enhance the quality of life of any patient. 

The manual therapy process is mainly customized for every patient according to their condition, which makes it a very personalized form of treatment. The physical therapist takes a few tests, and based on the careful examination of the state of the patient; it is only then they incorporate the manual therapy approach into the treatment plan as per their requirements and symptoms of the ongoing ailments.

 Final verdict

Most people prefer to get Massage therapy to relax their body and avoid any kind of stress or workload. Massage therapy is very beneficial, and every individual needs to make quality time for themselves to heal their body, mind, and soul with the magical touch and movement of their physical therapist. Many healthcare sectors ensure to provide manual therapy, including massage therapy, for the better health of the person. Make sure to book your appointment according to your schedule to get the treatment.

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