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7 Effective Tips to Help Avoiding Infection During Chemo

Cancer is a deadly disease and if you are suffering from it you know it very well. Chemotherapy is an effective and...

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Cancer is a deadly disease and if you are suffering from it you know it very well. Chemotherapy is an effective and the most common treatment for cancer. Nothing is more effective than this therapy for treating cancer.

One thing that you need to take care of is infection during chemo. Along with the treatment, the infection is also very common. However, it can be eliminated by focusing on a few things. After the chemotherapy, your body is more likely to catch an infection from its surroundings.

We are here to give you tips so that you can avoid the infection and be able to live your life in a better way after the treatment. First, let us understand how the risk of catching an infection increases after chemo.

How Your Body Becomes More Likely to Catch An Infection

This treatment, chemotherapy, kill the cancer cells in your body. But the issue is that it also kills the white blood cells that fight with foreign viruses and bacteria. White blood cells are a necessary part of the body and the immune system.

White blood cells are less in number as compared to red blood cells. Therefore, it becomes hard to fight infection with a reduced number of cells. That is why you need to take more care of yourself and follow the tips to avoid infection during chemo.

Tips to Avoid Infection During Chemo

You can get a blood test to check the quantity of remaining white blood cells. It can help you take care of yourself in a proper way. The tips to avoid infection during chemo are:

Keep Distance from Sick People

The very first thing that you need to do is to take care of yourself. Also, try to stay away from the people who are sick. Any type of illness such as cold, flu, and other similar kinds of infection can be dangerous for you. Therefore, avoid sick people to avoid infection during chemo.

Do not share food or utensils and other similar items that can be a way to carry infection. Take a break from visiting public places or the most crowded places for a while. And if it is necessary to go out to crowded places. Carry a disinfectant or sanitizer along with you.

Keep Proper Hygiene and Bathe Daily

After getting chemotherapy, it is very crucial to keep proper hygiene around you. You need to bathe daily and keep yourself clean so that any infection cannot enter your body. There are certain body parts that you need to take a little extra care of. Those are your underarms, feet, and anal area.

These are the parts that need a little extra care because of the high rate of germs in these areas. If you have any cuts or wounds on your body then also take proper care of that. On the other hand, if you notice any redness or swelling on any part of your body, consult your doctor.

Take Proper Care of What You Eat

You are more likely to get an infection from your food so take care of what you are eating. Whatever you are eating or cooking must be washed and cooked effectively. Also, make sure that the kitchen appliances and equipment are clean.

If you are cooking meat, fish, or egg, ensure that the recommended temperature is maintained for cooking. It is to kill the germs on your food and make it healthy for yourself. Therefore, take care of these things to avoid infection during chemo.

Wash Your Hands More Often

You need to wash your hands often if you are receiving chemotherapy. It is important because your hands touch your face and other body parts more often. If any friend or family member is staying with you, ask them to do the same to avoid infection during chemo.

Apply soap and leave them on your hands for a few seconds so that you can get rid of germs. You can use warm water for better results and dry your hands with a clean towel. Keep your towel separate from others for extra protection.

Get Your House Clean to Reduce Germs

Your house has certain areas that come in contact with every person more often. Areas such as faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, computer keyboards, and phones are the most common. Keep them clean to prevent infection.

If you need to clean any of the things or areas that might be high in germs then use antibacterial cleaning wipes or liquid for the same. Remember to clean your hands with soap and water after you finish cleaning the area.

Need to Stop Certain Hobbies for a While

There are some specific hobbies that you must avoid. It is required for avoiding infection during chemo. Activities like gardening, having manicures or pedicures at a salon, and others are having high exposure to germs.

You should leave those activities for later on and try to keep yourself safe. Any other activities you analyze that are highly risky should be avoided. Therefore, until your white blood cells do not reach the required level, take a break from these activities.

These are the tips to maintain a hygienic and healthy routine while you are receiving chemotherapy. You will be able to maintain a healthy immune system if you follow these tips. Hence, follow these tips regularly to get optimum results.

Benefits of Chemotherapy

  • This therapy helps in slowing down and shrinking the cancer cells in your body.
  • After shrinkage, it can be removed with a small surgery and you can beat cancer.
  • Chemotherapy after the surgery reduces the chances of cancer coming back.

Final Thoughts

This effective therapy can help you beat cancer. However, everything has a few negative points. You need to take care of them to avoid infection during chemo. If you are following these safety tips there is a minor possibility that you get sick. Therefore, follow the same to maintain your health after and during the treatment.

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