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What Is DEXA Scan?

You must have heard about DEXA Scan bone density testing. Mainly bone density testing is crucial as it is used to assess...

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You must have heard about DEXA Scan bone density testing. Mainly bone density testing is crucial as it is used to assess the strength of the bones and the probability of the fracture in the persons at risk of osteoporosis. Bone density testing is the way to measure the power of the bones. Mainly the test is called DEXA scan, which is a type of X-ray. Most people are getting bone density testing every year. One of the most important reasons for bone density testing is that it is the best way to find and treat the severe Loss of bones from your body. Most men under the age of 70 and women under the age of 65 prefer this testing to ensure the strength of bones. 

Doctors widely use this test to make sure about the fracture. If you have any fractures of your bones, then you need to go for immediate treatment. If the fractured bone is left untreated, it can lead to severe damage to your health. It is always recommended to prefer the doctor’s consultation for better treatment and reduce any risk factors. The bone density testing is mainly referred to as the bone Densitometry or bone mineral density scan, which is the most effective and straightforward process to inspect the clear image of the internal issues in just a minute. 

Like the bone scan, the Densitometry testing of the bone does not include the involvement of the administration of the radioactive contrast material into the bloodstream. 

How is bone density testing done?

There is no hidden fact that you need proper treatment if you have any kind of fracture. For that doctor prefers the procedure of bone density testing to ensure the cause and damage. To access this testing, first, the scan prices are done. One of the most commonly used tests is called a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan, and it is performed with the devices that measure the bone density in the hip and spine region. The central bone density testing device is used in the hospital or clinic. 

Bone density testing is done to see the Loss Of bones. Mainly bone loss is also called osteoporosis. These are the health conditions where bone loss is detected. 

What is the cause of the decrease in bone density? 

Mainly in premenopausal women, the Loss in bone is found due to the estrogen production in the body maintaining one density. As per the onset of menopause, bone loss increases every year, and this can even result in the loss of around 25 to 30 per cent of your bone density in the first five or ten years of menopause. In that case, it is crucial to consult your doctor as soon as possible to reduce the Loss Of your bone density. Your doctor will help you to decide when and if you need a bone density test or not. The testing process is recommended for women around 65 or older. This test is preferred for women with postmenopausal who have the risk factors of this health condition. 

There are several reasons which contribute to the Loss Of bone density. 

  • The lack of Vitamin D can result in the absence of bone density in your body which is not suitable for your health. It is highly recommended to intake the proper amount of Vitamin D to ensure better health and no loss of bone density. 

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine can also lead to a loss in bone density. It is crucial to avoid the excess consumption of alcohol to gain better health and reduce bone loss issues. Make sure to rely on healthy foods and avoid alcohol consumption to see effective changes and positive results. 

  • The Loss of bone density is also caused by weight loss or low body weight. If you have a low body weight according to your height, then you need special care. Make sure to intake more protein and other nutrients rich food to access better health and weight accordingly. 

  • If you have early menopause or even the late onset of menstrual period, then it can lead to the loss of your bone density. 

  • If you eat to avoid low bone density issues, then you need to be physically active. Due to physical inactivity, osteoporosis can occur. 

  • If you have low estrogen levels, then it can lead to the loss of bone density. 

Final verdict of DEXA Scan

A bone density testing also gives a small amount of radiation, which can add up as well. This can also affect your body. It is crucial to avoid bone density testing as much as you can by preferring nutritional foods and an active lifestyle. 


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