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Amazing foods and exercises to keep your eyesight strong

The prime organ of our body is our eyes. We mostly neglect our eyesight. The weakness of your eyesight and vision is...

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The prime organ of our body is our eyes. We mostly neglect our eyesight. The weakness of your eyesight and vision is the inevitable result of aging. In previous years, more elderly people suffered from eyesight problems, but now children also suffer the same pain. Long exposure to TV and mobile phones are the major causes of this increasing eyesight problem. You must take proper care of your eyes and provide them with proper rest.

Operations and lenses can help improve your vision but it is harmful to you in the long run. The procedure creates an imbalance in your body, and lenses change your perception and sense of depth. There are many fundamental exercises you should do in your daily life to make your vision and eyesight clear. To keep your eyes healthy, you must take food that contains protein, vitamins, and nutrition.

Antioxidants and vitamins 

There are many vitamins and Antioxidants, but two are expected, which will surely improve your eyesight. The first one is vitamin-A. This energy-rich vitamin will help you to clear your vision at night. It contains rhodopsin that will give you night vision. The second is lutein. It allows you to know when the lights are very high. Lutein is a pigment that improves your eyesight naturally. 


Lutein is a pigment that is found on the retina and makes a shield on your eyes. It protects your eyes from high lights and sun rays. The study made by scientists states that this pigment will improve your eyesight naturally. It is also an antioxidant. It naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables. If you want to take lutein, then you should take fruit daily. It will not only improve your vision but also balance your body. 

Food for sight

Food is the most important thing for any disease. It provides you with vitamins and nutrients. It is the central part that will help to improve your vision. Foods that you should take in your daily life are as follows:-

  • Carrots, kale, and collard green all are very rich in vitamin-A and lutein. 
  • Cod liver oil. It is suitable for eyesight. 
  • Zucchini and Brussel sprouts. It is good in lutein. 
  • Sweet potatoes are very rich in vitamin-A.

Hence, these are the foods, fruits, and vegetables which will make your eyesight better naturally. You should always eat one of these above fruits daily. 

Eyesight exercises

There are many exercises for eyesight, but we will tell you the most important and which will give you results earlier. So some of the practices are as follows:-

Palming exercise

Rub your hands till your for 20 seconds until it is warm. Put your warm hands on your eyes but remember, don’t touch your eyes and put too much pressure on your face. Rub your fingers gently. Follow this exercise 2-3 times. You have to do this exercise for 3 minutes. This exercise is widespread, and you can do it when you are free. 

Trombone exercise

In this exercise, you have to hold a pen straight toward your eyes. Then move the pen towards your nose and then back. Put your eyes on the object and roll your eyes. This exercise will make your vision better.

Scanning exercise

In this, you have to sit in the corner of the room or hall. You have to scan all the objects in the room and make your eyes rotate in the room. When you feel strained, you can stop. Also, do deep breathing while doing this exercise. Continue this exercise for 2-3 minutes. This exercise will clear your distant vision. 

Temple message

Ask someone to press both sides of the head on the level of eyes. In this exercise, your eyes must be closed. This exercise will also make you relax from headaches. Repeat this exercise 3 times. Don’t press the points so hard. It will cause you a headache and may harm you. So do it with someone who knows how to push the points. 


In this exercise, you must have two bowls, one of cold water and the second of hot water. Put a small piece of cloth in each bowl. First, splash hot water on your eyes. You must keep it for 30 seconds. After this put clothes in cold water. Could you hold it for 30 seconds? This exercise will improve your eyesight naturally. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times daily. Forgetting the results faster. You can make a routine and follow that. These are very important for improving your eyesight naturally.


The above foods and exercises will help you to improve your eyesight naturally. You must follow these exercises daily. You must consume food that contains vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It would be best if you also had lutein in the food.

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