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Cancer – Should I Visit a Doctor?

How do you think that there’s something wrong internally within your body? You need to pay attention to the tiny hints and...

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How do you think that there’s something wrong internally within your body? You need to pay attention to the tiny hints and signs that your body gives. Paying attention to even the slightest of changes can save you from life-threatening conditions like cancer. A timely approach towards your health will help you get the proper treatment at the right time and protect yourself from serious health issues.

It would help if you were brilliant when you notice any usual sign that your body reacts to the changes inside your body. It could be a severe health problem like cancer. A time approach towards a doctor will help in diagnosing and treating your health issues.

What is Cancer?

The cells of the human body undergo abnormal, uncontrolled division giving rise to cancer cells. Cancer develops when the average body performs strangely altered mechanisms due to uncontrolled cell division. In a healthy individual, cells undergo controlled division to promote the growth of the body. And when these cells grow out of control, leading to new and abnormal cell growth forming a mass of tissues (tumours) give rise to cancer.

Types of Cancer

Cancer can be benign or malignant (cancerous)  in nature. Benign tumours do not spread to other parts of the body, while malignant tumours spread to other factors.

Some types of cancers do not develop tumours (mass of tissues) like leukaemia, myeloma and a variety of lymphomas.

The most common types of cancer depend on the organs and tissues involved are mentioned below.

Carcinomas- Carcinomas are cancers involving the soft tissues of the internal organs and the glands. These are the most common types of cancer.

Sarcomas: It is cancer that starts in bones or muscles. It might also involve soft tissues like nerves, muscles, fat and blood vessels.

Lymphomas: This variety of cancer targets the defence mechanism of the body. It invades the lymphatic system and can be of two broad varieties n, namely Hodgkins and Non- Hodgkins lymphoma.

Leukaemia: It is the cancer of the circulatory system that affects the tissue responsible for the formation of blood in the body.

The Warning Signs of Cancer

Well, you can’t brood over finding a huge majorly defining symptom to take a call that it might be a cancerous condition. Paying attention to every single tiny detail and changes happening in your body need to be closely monitored. But with that note, you must not live every day of your life finding the changes. All that is clear here is that you must not ignore if you see something unusual. Here is a list of the most common symptoms or warning signs that indicate that you must consult a doctor.

Non-healing wounds: It hardly takes some hours to a few days for any wound to heal completely on its own. But if you have any underlying systemic disease, things might get delayed while healing. But if you find that instead of delay, the wound is not at all proceeding towards a healing phase even after many days of its start, then you must not ignore this warning. Such non-healing wounds can be the start of some cancerous lesions. But it would help if you did not freak out without any confirmation from the doctor.

Unusual lump in the breast: One of the most common signs of cancer found in women is the development of a lump in the breast, which is mainly ignored due to multiple reasons. But it is one of the most significant signs of cancer. If the size of the lump keeps on increasing and you feel tenderness as well, then you must not delay any more.

Discharge from nipple: A pale yellow mucus discharge from the nipple with tenderness in the breast is another sign of breast cancer. However, some women might get discharged because of hormonal imbalance as well. Consult your gynaecologist for better clarification on the unusual changes you are experiencing nowadays.

Regular cough: A prolonged session of cold and cough that is not getting cured even after regular medication and follow up must be checked for a deeper diagnosis and a different treatment plan.

Changes in wart: It’s usual to have a mole or wart on any part of the body. They never hurt or cause discomfort, but if their size starts increasing and the wart becomes painful with varied growth patterns, then it can be a cause of benign or malignant nevus.


It’s never too late to get awakened and keep a check on the changes happening in your body. Even after the world has undergone digitalisation, cancer is still considered taboo in many parts. But ignorance can worsen the situation for cancer patients. It will help if you visit the doctor as soon as you notice any warning signs.

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