Can Heart Failure cause Swollen Feet?

Swollen feet are also called oedema. Oedema is the clinical term used to define swollen feet, which is mainly caused by fluid...

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Swollen feet are also called oedema. Oedema is the clinical term used to define swollen feet, which is mainly caused by fluid retention. Oedema can lead to several and potential damage to your feet. You might even not be able to walk or stand properly. But sometimes, it was also seen that heart failure could lead to swollen feet. Oedema, a health condition, can be triggered by several injuries, illnesses, or other health issues. The reason they cause oedema, or we can say swollen feet, can be effectively caused by several reasons. There is nos specific cause or reason for the swollen feet. But in elf, the most serious condition that can cause oedema or swollen feet is heart failure. 

Swollen feet mainly happen when the heart muscle weakens and can no longer pump enough blood to meet the body’s requirements. It is crucial to know that most of the time due to heart issues can cause swollen feet. However, Several effective ways will help you reduce the risk factors of swollen feet and heart failure.

But you don’t have to worry about it because, in this article, we will make sure to look more and more into why heart failure causes oedema and all the other kinds of oedema and current treatment options for their best treatment. 

Why does heart failure cause swollen feet?

You might be wondering what the link between heart and swollen feet is. It is very normal to ask why heart failure causes oedema, or we can say swollen feet. Though it sounds like the heart is failing to work at all, and if we define it in the term of heart failure, then it means that the heart has grown weaker or even stiffer. The heart still pumps the blood, but it is not enough to meet the requirements of your body. Most of the time, heart failure can result from several health conditions. 

Causes of heart failure

If you are willing to know what issues can include heart failure, then you have landed at the right place. Mainly heart failure can result from various issues like:

  • Heart attack which is the common issues 
  • Most of the time, it can be caused due to high blood pressure levels. It is highly recommended to keep the blood pressure level at a normal rate to avoid any risk. 
  • Several heart diseases can also result in heart failure. 
  • Most of the time, heart failure was found in diabetic patients. 
  • Diseases like sleep apnea can also weaken the heart. 

In the case of heart failure, your heart cannot pump the blood out adequately through the arteries and not bake to bring it back to the right veins. In that case, blood can begin to. Pool mainly in the legs and feet. We all know that veins play a major role in regulating the flow of blood properly. Your veins also require an adequate blood flow, and it also requires a certain amount of force from your heart to keep. The proper flow of blood to the heart and lungs mainly gets the nutrients and oxygen. The pressure inside the veins is higher because of the higher pressure in those with heart failure or those with heart failure. 

It is quite challenging to maintain the regular flow of blood without medication or devices to improve the muck of your heart. Your heart muscle needs to get treated as soon as possible to reuse the other risk factors. With heart failure, blood is not able to circulate properly. Excess blood and other fluids in the capillaries can leak out into the tissues of the body, which are least to oedema. Most of the time, oedema is the first symptom of heart failure. Swollen feet can indicate a problem in your heart. If you see swollen feet, then make sure to consult your doctor immediately and get the proper medication to treat the severe issues. 

Final verdict

Make sure to see your doctor as soon as possible to reduce the severe damage. If you delay your treatment, then it can lead to sudden death as well. It is highly recommended to see your doctor and get effective treatment or medication to overcome heart failure issues. The cause of oedema can be many. It can also be caused if the pressure is increased to force the fluid back up into the legs or abdomen or when the leaky heart valve causes fluid retention. It is crucial for heart failure treatment, or any cause of your oedema must be a little help to relieve your swelling or any other symptoms. 

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