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What is Doctor Podcasting and how to start it?

The daily routine for a Doctor is to attend to their patient, maintain paperwork, interact with office staff and at last go...

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Doctor Podcasting
The daily routine for a Doctor is to attend to their patient, maintain paperwork, interact with office staff and at last go home to interact with their family. It is a great life, but a doctor should do more in his life – reaching more people, becoming a leader in his industry, and getting new opportunities. Starting a podcast as a doctor will make it easy to do all of these. It is also known as doctor podcasting.  Last year’s figures state that half of the Americans listen to podcasts. Podcasts are the ticket that will help you to reach more people without spending a massive amount of time and money. Dr. Ernesto explains why a doctor should use a podcast, how it is started and how a physician is the only way to handle this pandemic situation. 

What is Doctor Podcasting?

A podcast is, in a simple form, a program that educates the audience. All people have podcasts, from entertainers to artists and even doctors also.  Listeners can take their favorite podcasts on-demand, whenever they want. In 19-century people listened to the episode which they wanted to listen to on the radio. Podcasts work a lot like that. In this, the podcasters release new episodes daily or weekly. 
Doctor Podcasting
Doctor Podcasting

How to Start Doctor Podcasting

It is a more straightforward process than you think. Even if you are not particularly tech-savvy. The steps for starting doctor podcasting are as follows:-
Develop your concept
You have a wealth of knowledge and should know how to express it. One should get your point clearly, and they should tune in to your podcast. Be specific about your topics. Think as long as you can, and it will make your ideas ongoing.  Share all your knowledge. You can also share your experience and what you see as a doctor- could you talk about them too? When your concept is clear, then pin down who you are talking to. The audience includes doctors, patients, and practice administrators.
Name your podcast
There are many names of podcasts. According to your concept, choose your podcast name. Things which are easy to say are easy to remember and to tell your friends, there must be keywords in your podcast name that will describe your concept.  The podcast’s name should be like a doctor, medical, or practice so that the listeners can find your podcast name in Google search.
Choose a podcast management platform
Once you follow the above steps, it’s time to choose a podcast platform. The size of the podcast should be mp3, and create your podcast feed so people can find you. There should be the best podcast hosting.
Register with a powerful platform
When you choose the management platform, you have to register it with big podcast platforms like Apple, Google play, Specify, and tunnel. These platforms will help you to reach the maximum number of listeners possible.
Get the right equipment
Podcasting does not require a ton of equipment. It just needs a computer and a microphone. Microphones are the central part of the podcast, and they should be of good quality. Don’t use microphones, which are already installed and built-in microphones of your computers.

Unique benefits of doctor podcasting

The primary purpose of choosing a medical line is to help other people. Podcasts give the great opportunity to doctors to make excellent healthcare marketing strategies on a larger scale than you ever imagined. But the benefits of doctor podcasting don’t stop there. There are some more benefits of doctor podcasting which are as follows:-
Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry
Podcasting provides an excellent platform for doctors to know their leadership qualities in their industry. In this, doctors share their knowledge with the public.  Doctors can share their experience with an unlimited audience, including patients, scientists, and people inside and outside your specialty. Aside from your colleagues, you meet many other people and gain a lot of experience.
New professional opportunities
Podcast provides you a chance to get a call from an editor and event coordinators for writing a book or speaking at an event.  By building your podcast, you can also create your reputation. With your experience and the help of the audience, you can get the new opportunity quickly, which will help you make decisions faster.
Increase visibility for your practice and personal brand
You get your patients from Google ads, referrals. But this will provide you an excellent opportunity to reach millions of Americans who will listen to you and your podcast. It will also make your sources wider and also provide you with more patients. You can also get the partnership from far and wide.
Build your network with interviews
In this, you get a great way to build relationships and spread your network outside of your standard connections. Podcast protocol helps you to interview the experts within a topic. It is fascinating for a doctor to be a wheel’s hub that drives fame for your colleagues.
Get out the grind
By doing a podcast. You know your hidden talents. Podcasting could be your new career. Starting a new project will give you a much-needed boost out of a looming rut. When we are children, we do some work we don’t like to do, but we do it day after day when we get old.
Hence it is clear that podcasting can help you reach your professional goals as a doctor. It helps you build your network of experienced and like-minded people. Further, it also opens doors to new professional opportunities for you. You need to maintain a good image in front of your audience and make the best out of Podcasts.  We hope that this comprehensive guide must have helped you learn about various things that Podcasts can help you with as a doctor. For more information about Healthcare marketing and related blogs, please stay connected with us. 

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