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5 Fun Ways to incorporate physical activity into your lives

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused us to stay locked in the past year. A feeling of not doing physical activity took over...

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused us to stay locked in the past year. A feeling of not doing physical activity took over our lives as we lay in beds, and continued working from home without the hassle of morning rush in cabs and having to get ready and leave the comfort of our homes.As we kept telling ourselves, this was a temporary arrangement that would go away as soon as coronavirus cases reduced; two years passed by while we are trying to acquaint ourselves with the new normal.

The immobility and lack of motivation caused by the unprecedented times result in health complications such as increased cases of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and mental health issues.

Your motivations may vary from wanting to lose weight to following a healthy lifestyle that enables effective management of chronic ailments. The question that haunts us while trying to figure out the whats and the hows of our journey to a healthy self remains the same.

What are some fun ways to incorporate physical activity into your lives?

Childhood is a blessing where one doesn’t need to worry about exercising; you hop onto a monkey bar instead and cover your strength training basics. If you find yourself dragging your feet and groaning at the thought of exercising as an adult human being, it is time to start thinking like a kid.

We have made a list of inspiring and entertaining ways that can help you boost your physical activity without having to follow a boring workout routine. Using this period of lockdown to your benefit, we encourage you to unleash your inner child and participate in these fun activities along with your family. 


We all love a good run, but only when we are chasing something. Circling your neighborhood in a boring walk or a jog can be a mundane activity and may cause you to lose interest.

However, tracing back to our childhood game of tag reminds us of our love for chasing things. It combines physical activity with the thrill of tagging each other. Not only does tag encourage you to run, but it also enables you to compete with each other’s speed.

The fun can be maximized by involving your friends and your family. Other forms of fun ways that boost your walking or jogging are apps such as Pokemon Go or Zombies, Run! These apps enable you to interact with virtual objects by using Augmented and Virtual reality.

Dance party

Jane Austen paints a beautiful picture with Mr. Darcy standing unimpressed with Elizabeth. However, the story’s highlight isn’t the romance of our two favorite characters; it is the grand balls and dancing that leaves readers giddy.

Dancing has been shown to improve mood, reducing anxiety and stress levels. Host a dance party to get your heart pumping while you get to groove to your favorite songs.

You can host a themed dance party with 90s RnB music or practice online Zumba on club songs that can help you get your heart rate up as a family. It takes about eight songs to dance for 30 minutes. Excuse us while we get our mixtape ready for our next dance party!


When we think of frisbee, the first thing that comes to mind is a disc floating through the air and a flailing human trying to catch it mid-air. It is the most astounding imagery that leaves one excited and instills a sense of calm at the same time.

Playing with your kids or mates using a frisbee is a quick and easy way to get your heart pumping. 

During a frisbee catching game, the challenge is to keep throwing the frisbee back and forth without dropping it. You can make it challenging by throwing frisbees out of your partner’s way to make them run and increase their physical movement.

Date Night Competition

Date night doesn’t necessarily pertain to sitting in a cinema hall, going on long rides, or spending hours in a high-end restaurant. A little competition and bickering add spice to one’s relationship.

You can try various activities with your partners such as go bowling, play paintball or minigolf. Paintball tops our list of activities that can make your partner go crazy for you. It involves teamwork, effective communication, and strategizing, along with excellent combat skills.

Plus, the bullets filled with colors may end your life in the game but sure ends up turning the heat in your relationship.  

Honorary Mention: Laser Tag

While paintball is an excellent way to bond with your partners, laser tag is a group activity that can help your friends connect with your new girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Laser tag has all the elements of a successful and exciting game that enables you to feel like you are living in a simulation. Bonus: It has lasers! Get your group ready to feel like a SWAT team and combat in laser tag, letting go of all your worldly problems.



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  1. I wanted to get indulged in some physical activities, but I never had time to do anything due to the hectic schedule. But the fun tasks mentioned in this article are perfect for someone like me. Games like tags and frisbee reminded me of my childhood, and I never knew it could be highly beneficial for one’s health.

    Each activity mentioned in the article is good for one’s health and an excellent way to reconnect with loved ones. Keep sharing such fun activities.

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