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Can we lose weight by Starving Ourselves?

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? I’m sure even you are among those who wish to burn those extra calories and get...

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Who doesn’t want to lose weight? I’m sure even you are among those who wish to burn those extra calories and get rid of those extra pounds. And to get rid of the excess accumulated fat, many people believe that starving is the best solution.

People think that if you don’t eat, there won’t be any chance of calorie intake, and this means no extra fat, meaning no more being an overweight person. But do you know that starvation is nothing but keeping your body devoid of food that provides energy that helps perform physical movements and maintain mental health?

Weight loss is nothing but burning the extra calories consumed by an individual. And for this, people come out with the best solution is to starve. People believe that if they don’t eat, there won’t be any source of entry for adding new fat and calories into their body, which will help them lose weight. If you are among these people, wake up and think again!

Food is Fuel

Your body needs energy, and the source of energy is food. Food provides power to the body in the form of calories released by the body in physical and mental activities.

You should choose a healthy state of cal by following a healthy diet. And if you need to lose extra calories, starving is no solution to it. Your body is deprived of essential nutrients like fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Starving yourself just for the sake of weight loss and keeping your body the pride of these nutrients will overall affect the metabolism and the ability of your body in performing different functions and affecting your mental stability. 

Starving yourself, keeping your body deprived of calories is undoubtedly not a healthy way to lose weight. Staying hungry for an extended time taking just a significant amount of food below your body’s needs makes your body deficit of calories and lose weight unsustainably.

Starvation can lead to several health risks and is therefore not recommended by any nutritionist or dietician. 

What happens when you Starve? 

Well, your body can withstand a lack of nutrition and water scarcity for up to 3-6 days, after which it eventually starts giving up. You can quickly go without food and water for a day like you do when you fast. But when this starts for many days, the body itself turns into an energy-producing machine.

Initially, the body begins breaking down the glycogen to convert it into glucose to provide to the body. But if you do not have food for more than 12 hours and your glycogen store is also depleted, then the body shifts to amino acids to break down to supply energy. 

All the energy stored once depleted, our body makes a significant shift in the metabolism and undergoes ketosis. It is the process of the breakdown of ketones stored in muscle. Continuous ketosis for some days leads to consequential weight loss. You may experience considerable weight loss initially, but weight loss is not sustainable in the long run. 

Your body begins to utilise the stored fat as a source of energy and at which time there is a significant reduction in the resting metabolic rate (RMI). And once the body begins to utilise the stored energy resources,

it can no longer supply nutrients to other vital organs. The essential organs shrink to a standard size, and people start feeling weak. Most importantly, the wall temperature drops down, and those who starve start feeling sick.

Is Starvation a Good Idea?

If you still think that you can lose weight by starving, well, then think again. It not only slows your metabolism but also affects the overall functioning of your body. Starvation causes the hair and the nails to become brittle, a poor immune system insufficiency or indigestion.

I experience regular bloating, irregular menstruation, and improper wound healing. Weight loss through starvation does not show significant steady results. Appetite puts your body in an unhealthy physical state. You need to understand that you notice that starving does not last long and puts your body under health conditions.

Oxford healthy methods and approaches to lose weight. Starving is no solution to losing those extra pounds. It is advisable to consult a dietitian or a nutritionist to get yourself treated for any underlying eating disorders like bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa, if any.


Starving for weight loss and following other harmful dietary approaches will leave you nowhere but with Poor health and poor mental status. Starvation has several side effects on your overall health status, affectingbolism and slowing down the body’s vital functions. 

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