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Incredible Health Benefits Of Cuddling

It’s very difficult in this busy world to find some time to relax by taking a break. Starting from a “Jaadu Ki...

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benefits of cuddling. 

It’s very difficult in this busy world to find some time to relax by taking a break. Starting from a “Jaadu Ki Jhappi”, to that of intimate cuddling, there is always a fantastic feeling in holding someone closely and cuddling. There may be some people obviously who don’t love cuddling, but the power of touch in the process of cuddling can never be underestimated at all. 

The doctors also believe that cuddling promotes the healing process. Cuddling is not just for a woman, even men also long to cuddle as much as a woman does. 

There are various benefits of cuddling. This article explains some of the incredible benefits of cuddling. 

  • Releasing a Feel Good Hormone- Oxytocin is a type of hormone which does everything for making you feel good and helps in keeping connected to the other soul. Oxytocin is considered very crucial in the act of cuddling. It makes a person happier than before. 
  • Boosts the Immune System- The oxytocin that is released in the body helps a person by making them feel that there is nothing that can harm them. This is one of the most amazing benefits of cuddling. It also helps by releasing hormones that help in fighting infections in the body of an individual. So in this way it helps by providing a boost to the immune system of the body. 
  • Helps In Pain Relief- The oxytocin that is released in the body of an individual in the process of cuddling also helps by providing them relief from a pain that may be experienced by the body. This is the reason for which touch therapy is recommended for providing relief from any mental or physical discomfort being experienced by a person. Cuddling provides emotional satisfaction and also a sense of comfort to a person. 
  • Helps in Lowering The Risk of Heart Disease- Cuddling also helps a person by lowering down the risk of heart disease. When the heart of a person is happier and also not beating very fast. It helps in reducing the risk of any heart related disease in an individual. When a person is in close contact with his partner, both of them unconsciously pick up each other’s body rhythms. Thus it can be helpful in synchronizing the  breathing of the partner with him which can be a tremendous help in good heart beat rate of both the partners.
  • Helps In Reducing Social Anxiety- Oxytocin helps by inspiring positive things in a person. It helps by providing the person an optimistic outlook of the world.For example, if a person gets a hug right after arriving at a party, where only few people are known to him, it makes him feel happier and also more social. It also makes them feel that they can charm at the party. 
  • Better Bonding in Relationships- Communication is very effective for a happy relationship. But it is seen that people often forget how important touch is in a relationship. When a person is very stressed for any of a variety of reasons such as career, health, financial issues, etc; cuddling with the loved one can help in making the person relieved from all tensions and make him feel good and happy. This helps in preventing a negative toll on any relationship with the loved one and thus helps in better bonding in relationships.
  • Leading To Intimacy In a Relationship- Every human touch by a loved one can release dopamine in the brain. This increases the desire for the significant other. A sweet hug from the partner can help a person be happier after a long tiring day of work. It can be a win-win situation for both the partners. 
  • Increases Bonding of Child With The Mother- Oxytocin is also related to child birth and breastfeeding. The chemical helps by inspiring good feelings between the mother and the child and thus helps in increasing the bonding of the child with that of the mother. Release of oxytocin helps a mother feel relaxed at the time of breastfeeding the infant. 
  • Helps In Providing Better Sleep- Cuddling with the partner even for 10 minutes with the loved one before sleeping can promote better sleep of a person. It releases oxytocin in the body of both the persons then increases the bonding with the partner, It releases the stress level of both of them making them stress free and relaxed. The anxiety level decreases tremendously and thus helps them by providing deep sleep. 

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