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Best Dairy Products for Diabetics

There is no hidden fact that dairy products are crucial for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have diabetes or other diseases....

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Dairy Products for Diabetics

There is no hidden fact that dairy products are crucial for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have diabetes or other diseases. It ain’t highly recommended to not skip healthy dairy foods. You need to use some dairy products or even non-dairy alternatives such as soy products and other dairy products. It is crucial even for diabetic patients to consume healthy dairy food, which can include milk, cheese, yoghurt, and others. Mainly dairy products are rich in proteins and vitamins and so the great source of calcium which ho to keep. Your bones and teeth were strong forever. 

Though it is recommended to intake dairy products even for diabetic patients, it is also suggested to choose the dairy food items accordingly and to select wisely. You cannot consume any kind of dairy food items if you are a diabetic patient. You need to consult your doctor, and you can prefer some knowledge in their field to know which dairy food items are good for your health and which you need to boycott. Most dairy foods can be high in fat and saturated fats. In that case, you need to rely on other alternative options with lower fat. 

What are good dairy food items for diabetic patients? 

If you are willing to know what dairy food products you need to consider if you are a diabetic patient, then you have come to the right place. Here you can easily access the information related to dairy products. 

As we all know that adults and older children who intake lots of fat can find an increase in weight, and too many saturated fats can cause the level of cholesterol to rise dramatically due to the high level of cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Most of the time, diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is essential to manage the level of lower fat to manage the risk factors. 

If you have diabetes, then you need to aim for a maximum of three portions which can include the following:

  • 190 ml of milk
  • A tablespoon of cottage cheese
  • A small pot of yoghurt


Diabetic patients must intake milk to get strength and to boost their energy level. Make sure to switch to the lower-fat milk like semi-skimmed milk from the whole milk. If you want to see more effective results, then you need to consider differences like you can try for 1 percent of the fat milk or even the better-skimmed milk. Lower fat dairy is always beneficial and has all the qualities, which include more levels of calcium. 


Cheese can be taken by diabetic patients. Mainly cheese is considered a vital dairy product that is crucial to intake to maintain better health. Most of the cheese is high in fat and salt. It is essential to intake cottage cheese and take care to avoid the one which is high in fats and salt. Make sure to check out the proportion of sizes. The recommended serving size for the cheese is around 30g per 1oz which is the size of a matchbox. 

Cheese can also be high in salt level, and too much salt can raise the status of your blood pressure. A high level of blood pressure is not suitable for your health. Make sure to avoid salty cheese and prefer some alternatives which are low in fat and salt as well. 

You can prefer the consumption of cheese by grating instead of slicing. Make sure to choose the natural cheese. 


We all know that yoghurt is helpful for good health. It doesn’t matter if you have diabetes or not, but it is always recommended to intake the proper amount of yoghurt. Diabetic patients can intake yoghurt to increase their immunity and to gain beneficial nutrients as well. Mainly yoghurt can also vary widely in the content. It is crucial to check the level of fat present in the yoghurt. Try to consume low-fat yoghurt for better results. 

Make sure to rely on natural yoghurt or low-fat Greek yoghurt, which you can consume in different ways to make it more tasty and exciting. 

Final verdict

Make sure to intake an appropriate amount of dairy products to get essential nutrients like calcium and others. If you are a diabetic patient, then you need to take care of yourself more than an average person. You need to consider everything good for your health. Before taking any food products or any kind of dairy food items, you need to know if that product is beneficial for your health or not. Make sure to avoid food items that are rich in saturated fats

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